Black Friday by jluv426
November 28, 2009, 3:37 am
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Today is Black Friday, also known as the busiest shopping day of the year. Its called Black Friday because it is the official start to the lucrative holiday shopping season and a time where retailers hope to earn enough revenue to close out the year with a profit (i.e. in the black instead of being negative and in the red).

So, it got me thinking about what artists (non-commerical) do I think have the ability to turn negative attitudes towards into positive ones with good music. There are too many to list but here are three that are in no particular order:

Felt: This is probably an example of recency but nonetheless the third collaborative effort between Murs and Slug really impressed me. The beats from the latest offering are boom bap and balanced enough to keep the listener interested. Murs continues to impress me and Slug is very good. No Bah Humbug here

Raekwon: OBCLII is a return to that gritty sound that I think is a good counter to the polished presentations of the more commercial artists. Not that sales tell the whole story but he has done well for himself by putting this out independently. More Rae is a good thing and can surely quash the ‘Hip Hop is Dead’ talk

Nipsey Hussle: Sometimes labels miss the opportunity to capitalize when a buzz is building. I hope this isn’t the case with Nipsey. He has a charisma about him that reminds a lot of folks of Snoop. I won’t go that far but I will say that, if executed properly, he could become a rising star in the game.

So fret not. All is not lost and I have faith that Hip Hop is closer to being in the black than folks realize


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