sit down trick. 01-2010 Edition by Yaya Martinez
January 4, 2010, 11:03 pm
Filed under: Sit Down Trick

So Usually I don’t pay attention to the “beef bullshit” that happens in hip-hop because usually, that’s what it is. I was in highschool when the first bitch slap edition of the benzino vs eminem beef went down, so when I heard about the fact that Benzino aka Uncle Raymond decided to pick a stick with Royce Da 5’9? Lets Go Over the reasons why he’s recieved the “Sit Down Trick” award of the month.

  1. As if you Weren’t embarrassed enough, you just had to really piss off em thus leading to this display and play of words.  Here is exhibit A as to why you should “Sit Down Trick”


Exhibit B. From a woman’s standpoint, if you were gonna go balls to the wall, well, you get it. Real gangster. wonder where the silencer is hidden……on to Exhibit C….

3.) Everyone, including your ass… KNOWS that in a real battle? more than likely you wouldnt be able to be a real emcee. A gimmick is something you turn to when you have NO CARDS on the table. Thus, Exhibit C- the track fitting for this situation.

You have a Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine that I see every week at the station, and honestly? Not impressed. That sorry toilet paper example of a magazine is about the same quality  of Star vs People Magazine.  Stick to the print—Word.


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