Juice – American Me (Mixtape) by Yaya Martinez
March 2, 2010, 8:34 am
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Good to see Juice from Black Wall Street is making moves, this is the latest  and I’m lookin forward to knockin this at the law firm–follow Juice on Twitter

Download link and tracklist after the jump–

UPDATE:: Yaya Review

Considering how busy I am between the law firm, the station, cleaning music, and living the few minutes of life I do have killing myself at the gym I had a chance to thoroughly listen through “American Me” by Juice which was released this past week.

The first element of the mixtape that stood out to me was definitely the production, my expectations for ANY project are low because lately you just never know what your going to get when you press play. So about 3 tracks in and no skipping needed, it was clear that this time around? My iPod was spinnin something worthwhile.

“Walk With Me”  Juice did something that a lot of emcees have lacked. He made a believer out of me and the journey he was speaking of wasn’t something of an unreachable vision-instead a reality that I have heard of him speak of through interviews.

“Crush My Cool” featuring the legendary Bun B made a mindset of cruisin the Cadillac “down souf” and his ability to adjust to a legendary emcee’s dominance on a verse created a clean track to just vibe too. Most of the time when legends/rookies hop on a track (for lack of better term) you hear the awkwardness at times of catchup play. There are a handful of emcees that have impressed me with legendary features on their debut’s and this was one of them.

“However U Want It”– now this is a track that I think will eventually be a target for the female audience. It also gives off an unseen side of Juice, (or a facade, you decide) that regardless of the mistrust had in industry relationships everyone just wants that ONE. Stamp it as the lady “friendly” track on the album–er–mixtape. I already told him to get Rosa Acosta to play the love interest for the video–haha

Those are just a few of the tracks I wanted to touch on from “American Me”, but I can confidently say that this album was done correct. I could have done without a few of the dj drops that were laced in the middle of verses but the quality was definitely clean. Production is comfortable, the flows are honest, and well its believable in more way than one. One thing that I have to give him props for was not drowning out the fact he was “THE KING OF AZ!!!”. When you think about any corporate job or thriving business, bosses are the people who walk in with the suit not saying a damn word to anyone they pass yet you know they’re in charge and they don’t have to say where they came from you just want to know where they are going-Granted I haven’t been connected with said emcee for a while, here are a few reasons why I support this AZ native from here on out. He doesn’t constantly go on twitter, facebook, myspace, or any other network SCREAMIN about the work he’s putting in. He just does it. What I think a lot of people have lost along the way, is the act of putting in the WORK first, then talking about said project when its complete. Not to mislead you in anyway, tooting your own horn is all gravy but when the notes aren’t matching whats written on the sheet music-there is a problem.

Congrats to Juice, you have a solid project on your hands.

Download: American Me


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